About Rolling Box Media

We are a New York based advertising vendor that is passionate about revolutionizing the ways in which companies advertise their brand or product.

We pride ourselves on a professional, consultative, creative, flexible and customer-focused approach allowing the client to make sure their product is always one step ahead of the competition.

We also boast marketing experts that can provide you with the opportunity to bring the latest information to your consumers in a powerful, direct and effective way—ensuring high-impact and cost effective campaigns.


We Deliver Results

RBM Ads will deliver you the most possible impressions to your company or organization’s target market, thus boosting the consumers’ top of mind awareness, throughout your mobile billboard truck advertising campaign.

Driving High Traffic

Truck ads in high traffic areas, whether vehicle or pedestrian traffic, or both, can increase traffic, for your website, 800 number, business, non-profit, or organization, whether political, public service, charity, social club, event, or otherwise.


RBM has the experience to bring your company or organization’s message to the eyes of your choice of market.